About Us!

Oi! My name is Lauana and I am a native Brasileira! 

Growing up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil I always admired women of all sizes flaunting their perfect fitting itty bitty bikinis. My goal is to make all women feel sexy and confident in their swimwear just as Brazilians do, which is why I started Rio Swim. 

Located in California's Bay Area, Rio Swim is dedicated to bringing the sexiest part of Brazil to you. Our exotic bikinis are exclusively made in Brazil using the finest Lycra fiber, a material proven to fit your body better and hold up longer for your versatile beach needs. Brazilian lycra is so soft you won't be able to resist the feel, the fit and function of our bikinis! 

Rio Swim allows confident female beach goers to absorb Rio de Janeiro's culture by providing access to affordable, authentic Brazilian beachwear. Deliciously soft fabrics and fun styles are exactly what Rio Swim is all about.

The iconic Brazilian bikini cut is more popular than ever, so let us help you be a part of this sexy trend.

Don't let Brazilians have all the fun! Embrace your beautiful body in our genuine, brasileira approved bikinis.