Summer Beach Bag Essentials

Hey Rio Swim Babes!
With summer right around the corner we wanted to share with you what what will be in our beach bag for the next few months! We know that all of you bikini babes out there already have your go-to essentials but we wanted to give you guys some of our best tips!
PS this blog post was written by the one and only Melody! 
Go check out her blog for the best summer inspiration! 
Essential #1 - A cute beach bag!
Grab any cute tote or larger sized bag so you can fit all of your beach or pool-side goodies inside! Keep in mind that you want the bag to be durable but not too heavy, it’s best to keep the  bag light weight since you're going to want to bring some fun stuff along for the day and won’t want to be lugging around a huge duffle bag from one place to the next! We suggest a thin tote bag that are often made from a thick canvas like material! 
Essential #2 - A Bikini…. Duh!
So of course any Rio Swim babe is going to need her cute little bikini, a bikini thats going to make you feel confident and one that you will definitely slay the summer with!
Rio Swim Babe Tip : We usually like to bring two bikinis for the same day.. can’t help it when you’re in love with your kinis and cant decide on only one to wear!
Speaking of Bikinis…
We set aside one special bikini to show you guys as it’s our Bikini of the Month for the month of July! 
This month’s #BOTM is our St. Barts, in the most perfect summer time shade, this peachy bikini is perfect for all adventures. The top is a simple fixed triangle design with adjustable straps and the bottoms are minimalistic in style as well as seamless and reversible. Needless to say, this bikini is perfect in style for tanning and whether you’re seaside or poolside, this bikini has got you covered.
Essential #3 - A towel!
We love a cute towel or tapestry to lounge around under the sun on! There are so many adorable styles too! From big sheet like tapestries to round mandala towels this summer the beaches are going to be looking so cute!
Essential #4 - Sun screen & Tanning Oil!
We all want the summer bronzed glow and you can totally achieve that with some various kinds of tanning oils but its also oh - so important to keep the sunscreen on as well! The suns rays are nothing to be underestimated and we gotta keep our skin bronzed… but healthy too!
Essential #5 - Hydration & snacks! 
We love pure H2O & young coconut water! When under the sun for hours you really need to make sure that you stay hydrated! We love Wiakea Water and Coconut water from a Young Thai  coconut! As far as snacks, you want it to be yummy but simple, so we often go for some pre cut fruit of any kind, or and kind of pre packages items!
Essential #6 - Sunglasses & Some thing to cover up with!
We love a fun pair of shades that not only enhance our beachy look, but also protect our eyes!
As far as a cover up goes, well, we would totally be ok with running around in nothing but our bikinis all day every day, but because that may not be the case, one of our main essentials would have to be a nice flowy dress or a sarong! We don't want to wear anything to heavy  or uncomfortable and we also want it to be easy to get in and out of, so these options are perfect for our desires in a beach outfit!
Essential #7 - Added Entertainment!
We love some added fun for our beach days and two of our best go-tos include, a good book, and a portable speaker! The book is nice for when your just hanging out and relaxing but the speaker will get those good vibes flowing with your favorite tunes added into the background!
Well, that pretty much wraps up our beach bag essentials but we hope you guys enjoyed this blog post & hope you're able to add some of these goodies into your beach bag this summer!