Guide to being a Rio Swim Babe

Guide to being a Rio Swim Babe

Here at Rio Swim we believe in babes supporting babes, being positive, supportive, and being the best girl boss possible. We’re going to give you a little inside as to what a Rio Swim Babe is and we’re sure you’re all going to fall under this! 

You Have A Rio Swim Bikini / are Bikini OBSESSED

If you're a bikini girl, you're our kinda girl!

You have already got it going if you have a Rio Kini! We also love any babe who love bikinis! & No fear to the babes who don't have one yet, we have a special discount code waiting for you at the end on the blog post! We want every bikini babe to be a Rio babe! So we wanted to share a little love with you so you can get yourself a sweet little kini! 


Appreciating the bod you got. 

We’re all different and we’re all girls. We ALL know what it’s like dealing with insecurities & getting down over ourselves. BUT, a Rio Babe doesn't let things like this get to her, yes its hard and at times can be very challenging, but we push through. We know we’re beautiful just the way we are and we accept what we have and we’re proud of it! A Rio Swim Babe throws her bikini on and her confidence grows even more so, there is just something about a nice bikini that makes you feel oh so good!


Girl Power / Girl Boss

Rio Swim Babes stick together, we support each other, we want each other to be the best version of ourselves that we all can be. We believe that sticking together and being supportive will get us farther than being ultra competitive. We would rather put our energy toward positivity and kicking butt at what we do, than focusing on negative aspects!


A Rio Babe takes charge of her life, she makes goals and chases after them to create the reality she’s always wanted. She has the mindset where once she dreams something up, she does nothing but work towards making it a reality. 


You have a desire for the outdoors & sunlight

Whether it’s the ocean, the beach, a pool, a lake, the river, you want to be in a bikini and you want to be there! A rio babe comes from all over, she lounges by the pool, play in the ocean, jet skis in the lake, floats on the river, any where she goes, her Rio Kini does too! Our kinis are made for every kind of babe and we desire to let our bikinis become a part of you and your lifestyle!

These are just a few main points that we love about our current Rio babes and our soon-to-be new ones! We love you all & your support drives us to be the best bikini brand for YOU GIRLS!

We encourage you to join us on our Rio Swim Babe Tribe, we can be such a force in inspiring babes! We can make an impact!

We want to show our appreciation, so we have a little something new for you babes.. we are going to be doing a monthly Rio Swim Babe Feature “contest”!

Here’s what you have to do..

Snap Photos in your Rio Swim Bikini or share a photo you already have in your Rio bikini!

Post your photo to Instagram and tell your followers why you love @Rio_Swim, make sure you tag us in the photo and in your caption! & add the Hashtag #RioSwimBabe to your caption! Wallah! & You’re entered into the contest!

You can enter as many times throughout the month as you'd like!

What we do!

This is an ON GOING - MONTHLY contest!  

We will choose a new babe every month and she will get to be a featured ‘Rio Swim Babe’ here on our blog & our Instagram! 

We will share your photos in our bikinis, and we will also be interviewing you with some simple questions about you! 

We cannot wait to see all of your beautiful photos and we cannot wait to learn more about our Rio Swim Babes!

This starts NOW so get to sharing your photos babes!

For our new Rio Babes we have a discount code for you! Use the code “  riobabe  “ for 25% off of your new kini!

& welcome to the tribe!